Final Stage Establishment (2012)

In 2012, NCKU carried on with "The Governance Framework for Human Research Ethics", funded by the National Science Council in order to sustain the newly established Governance Framework for Human Research Ethics which is expected to reflect social context and local cultural characteristics, facilitate discussion and communication between stakeholders of different human research projects, and support framework practices and research initiatives. In terms of practices, the school is gradually completing the framework, gathering different arguments and training a professional team. In terms of research, regular review of the framework is conducted to maintain accuracy, and feedback on research results is provided to maintain efficiency. Through these efforts, the school aims to achieve the following targets:

  • Develop the Governance Framework for Human Research Ethics that will help address academic conditions in Taiwan and represent "Taiwanese Subjectivity".
  • Uphold the rights of research participants and promote Taiwan's international academic competitiveness through the Ministry of Science and Technology's Demonstration Project for Ethical Review of Research ("the demonstration project").
  • Promote the Southern Taiwan Universities Consortium for Human Research Ethics through cross-institutional communication and collaboration, systematic integration of regional resources, as well as promotion, intensification and support of research ethics.